Pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you

We are Darling, an all-girls a cappella ensemble based in Perth, Western Australia. One fateful night in a cosy lounge room in the forest, a group of friends with a shared love of lush harmonies got together and there was simply no going back. 

Since 2014 we’ve been experimenting with everything from ancient folk songs to catchy modern tunes, bringing joy and heartache in equal measure with our trademark liveliness and loveliness. Many of our arrangements are improvised in rehearsal, and sometimes even in performance. We make the most of the extraordinary range of voices we have available and keep everybody on their toes by regularly switching vocal parts, so you'll never hear the same performance twice.  

Our wide-ranging repertoire has seen us perform at house concerts, 100th birthday parties, fundraisers, and some of Perth's leading contemporary music venues, spreading sass and sweetness wherever we go.

Abigael Wylde

An avid car singer, pasta maker and booty shaker. Give this gal a filter coffee and an hour and she promises to answer all your questions about politics. If you don't have time for that, ask about her sassy bunny or where she got her really great shoes from. 
If you can't find Abi, she's probably hiding somewhere like all good introverts do. But offer her cheese and wine and you won't be able to get rid of her. Like ever.
She fills weekdays with reading and research for work, the nights with reading and research for her Masters, and showers her indoor plants on weekends. Even more consistent than that, she will be found sharing harmonies and lolz every Thursday with her darling sissies.

Brooke Wilson

Having graduated from WAAPA in classical music, Brooke is not only passionate about her first love, the violin, but also about the human voice and all that it can express, from heartache and sorrow, to joy and groove.  As a performer, choral conductor and educator, Brooke always strives for excellence of sound, excellence of heart and excellence of outrageous dance moves; always seeing the best in people and drawing it out.  “It's people and relationships that makes life good, singing with these girls brings me so much joy!”  As the leader and founding member of Darling she keeps us inspired, in time, in line, in tune and in love with the power and beauty of the voice.

Dayna Cullen

If you ever meet Dayna, act natural and display your best angle. You never know when she might whip out the camera! No… she will warn you... most times. This girl loves to make the ordinary look like beer and skittles, especially on film. Dayna’s passion for singing began with her three sisters. When they were small, the Cullen girls were constantly dragging people off to the side and making them listen to what they believed to be sweet harmonies. Unfortunately they sounded more like chipmunks. But they never let that get them down! Dayna works at a bookstore, studies a BA in English and Communications and gives ice cream a half star rating. She loves her morning runs, setting goals and sewing clothes. Dayna is very pleased to meet you!

Grace Porter

Part of the smaller and blonder slice of Darling, Grace is a lover of turkish delight chocolate, vocal trills, and all things aesthetically pleasing. If you know her well, you'll have witnessed this girl's spontaneous spikes of energy - whether it's mid d-n-m or on the d-floor. 
Grace studies Counselling at Bible College and is excited to have started her own vocal-tutoring business. Being brought up in a musical home alongside five opinionated siblings, noise and song have been a central part of Grace's life from the outset. She is grateful for the dynamic opportunities Darling provides her with to develop as a performer, and adores entertaining with (and being entertained by) her lovable singing-sisters.

Imogen Castledine

Imogen is your friendly neighbourhood trilingual, swing-dancing, part-time seamstress, with a passion for yoga, neat handwriting and fine literature. Usually found in the kitchen, she will happily feed you vegetables until you can't stand up, dishing up laughter and life advice while she's at it. She has an immense love for art of all kinds, and is working on a Master of Arts & Cultural Management so that she can spend a lifetime supporting creative work and bringing artists and audiences together. Coming from a family with a habit of spontaneously bursting into song, Imogen has been singing since she was very small. Now that she's not so small, she performs regularly with both Darling and the WASO Chorus.

Megan Tickner

Megan is an avid bargain hunter who gets her kicks from high end salvos stores. She has been known to disappear for hours on end, only to return with a bag of op shop gold. When she is not op shopping, sewing or watching sausage dog videos, she spends her time at her day job as a speech pathologist. This really is the perfect job for a talkative girl like Megan where her days consist of helping people young and old to improve and empower their communication.
Megan loves the thrill of singing, which has been instilled in her since birth from the gregarious women in her family. With a voice that surprisingly prevails Megan's petite stature, you can be sure you won't miss her. Megan absolutely loves being part of the feisty, foxy and fancy girl group that is Darling.

Ruby Wilson

Ruby has two defining features within Darling - her ability to sing high pitched instrumentals, and grow the thickest brows.When Ruby isn't singing, she spends most her time thinking, running, reading, keeping things tidy, cuddling her blue-dog Pip, planning ahead, brushing her hair, spending time with other humans, experimental dancing, horsing-around, painting her face, and sampling her extensive wardrobe. On the inside Ruby is usually adoring life, but may on regular occasion maintain a signature face of despair.  Do not fear, dear friends! Shoutout to Brooke, Ruby's big sister and ensemble leader; without you we would all be terribly lost!

Shanay Cullen

Shanay is currently doing an internship at Dalkeith Road Church of Christ, which involves running the youth group there and studying a diploma in Christian Ministry. She is the third of four girls who all love to sing. She is a quiet extrovert, so loves to be around people whenever the chance arises.

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