Pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you

We are Darling, an all-girls a cappella ensemble based in Perth, Western Australia. One fateful night in a cosy lounge room in the forest, a group of friends with a shared love of lush harmonies got together and there was simply no going back. 

Since 2014 we’ve been experimenting with everything from ancient folk songs to catchy modern tunes, bringing joy and heartache in equal measure with our trademark liveliness and loveliness. Many of our arrangements are improvised in rehearsal, and sometimes even in performance. We make the most of the extraordinary range of voices we have available and keep everybody on their toes by regularly switching vocal parts, so you'll never hear the same performance twice.  

Our wide-ranging repertoire has seen us perform at house concerts, 100th birthday parties, fundraisers, and some of Perth's leading contemporary music venues, spreading sass and sweetness wherever we go.

Brooke Wilson

Having graduated from WAAPA in classical music and education, Brooke is not only passionate about her true love, the violin, but singing, teaching, performing and bringing people together. She is the mother, gatherer and puller-together-er of this darling lot, as well as a founding member, and encourages them in excellence and joy at every opportunity.  She performs at weddings, concerts, parties, in forests and on all kinds of stages with all sorts of people, bands and ensembles, playing everything from blues to Bach. Brooke has the music on the tips of her fingers and deep down in her soul.

Grace Porter

Grace is the second youngest of the six opinionated and music-loving Porter siblings, the 'next in line' to leave home, fall in love, finally get a drivers licence and master the art of doing 18 year old things - such as voting, paying tax and probably being forced to use maths, which is her favourite. Since she was a little girl, music and dance have captivated Grace. Choirs, dance concerts, musical productions and worshipping in church have been opportunities she has thrown her whole heart into - persisting despite her fear of being seen in the vulnerable state of performance for all to see. Darling is very dear to her - she loves all the precious girls and their laughs, the music, the hype of performing and the feeling she gets when she lets go of everything else and simply sings. 

Abigael Wylde

Abigael could tell you a thing or two about how to house train a bunny rabbit. She also knows how to make a mean filter coffee and the difference between your and you're. She grew up in a very loud, musical family and has been putting on Broadway productions for her family since before she could string proper sentences together. She recently graduated from a degree in Politics and International Relations and Social Justice, and has a penchant for campaigning against human rights abuses . Don't let her sassy remarks or disapproving looks fool you, she is generally full of kindness and joyful tunes.

Imogen Castledine

One of the founding members of Darling, Imogen is your friendly neighbourhood trilingual, swing-dancing seamstress, with a passion for neat handwriting and fine literature. When she's not selling wine on the weekend, she spends her time doing a little bit of everything - her most recent endeavours include web design, vegetable gardening, and the occasional modelling job. Imogen comes from a family with a habit of spontaneously bursting into song, and she has been singing since she was very small. Now that she's not so small, she performs regularly with both Darling and the WASO Chorus.

Emily Matthews

Emily is the smiling sweetheart of Darling who loves to sing wherever she goes. She is almost at the finishing line of her Performance Studies degree and works as an entertainer for Captain Cook Cruises. Since she was a young girl, Emily has played the piano and been trained in classical and contemporary vocal styles. For the past four years, she’s been playing in bands around Perth and thriving on the energy of performing. Currently the keyboardist and one of four singers in Rich King Matthews, she’s loving the chance to experiment vocally with her Darling girls. Always keen to have a good laugh, eat a whole block of chocolate, sigh over old Hollywood films, add to her crochet rug and snuggle into a warm hug, Emily hopes to live each day with passion.

Rose Porter

Rose is the youngest Darling, and enjoys spending most of her time curled up in bed like a human burrito. She loves black coffee, shoes, wearing eyeliner and listening to Eminem far too loudly at night. Rose has been singing since she was a toddler, and has now been learning Classical Singing for a year and a half. She is very good at: making a mess, singing opera at inappropriate times, being sarcastic, not washing dishes, and doing a somewhat believable British accent. When she’s not out being almost famous, Rose can be found hanging out with her 5 siblings, or having a debate with her parents about Australian politics. She is currently in the midst of securing a record deal with Eminem, so she may be unavailable for some coming gigs as she will be busy writing sick raps and probably hanging out with Beyonce.

Ruby Wilson

Ruby is one of three ‘Baby Darlings’.  Currently completing her year 12 studies, she still finds time to sing songs with all her favourite girls.  Besides studying and being lame, she loves to:  go for walks, cuddle her puppy Pip, hang with her sister, brush her hair, sleep, talk to cool people, and look stylish.  On the inside she is usually enjoying life, but may on regular occasions maintain a signature resting bitch face.  Ruby’s sister Brooke has always encouraged her to enjoy and explore music, remaining an inspiration in all things jolly and good.  Darling has helped Ruby to face her fears of performing - and to have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Megan Tickner

Megan is Darling's token coastal gal who brings the laid back breeze to the hills, where Darling resides. She is currently over half way through completing her degree in Speech Pathology, with a passion for vocal health, language and swallowing disorders. When she's not critiquing poor grammar habits or online shopping, she can be found with a cup of tea in hand, listening to music with a friend beside her. Megan was born into a very spirited family who were quite fond of a frequent karaoke session, so from an early age Megan had a passion for breaking out into song, and not always in front of a microphone.  Although Megan doesn't bring much to the group in height, it's fair to say she makes up for it in the decibels of her laugh, and her passion for worshipping as well as singing her guts out!

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